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Heino Zunzer

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my name is Heino Zunzer. I am a SQL Server Database Developer. I specialize in T-SQL, Query Performance Tuning, Indexing and SSIS. I am working as a freelance consultant, mainly for large customers.

I work and live in Vienna, Austria. I spent most of my working life in Austria, working for big and small companies. I also spent some time in living Dublin, Ireland, working for Irish and English companies.

After many years in the IT industry, in which I went from C/C++ developer to database designer to network administrator to C# developer I finally found my true calling in the role of a SQL Developer.

Even though I know SQL Server from version 6.0 on, my knowledge of databases in general and SQL Server in detail has always been somewhat superficial, the knowledge of an application developer using SQL Server as a data dump. In the last few years though I dived deeper and deeper into wanting to understand the inner workings and how to optimize the storage of data and, more so, the retrieval of data.  The more I know about it, the more I want to learn further, dive deeper.

I have dealt with small, medium and large database environments, databases from ten MB to ten TB, querying tables with hundred rows to tables with five billion rows. What all of these databases have in common is, that from each new project I learned a lot. And I want to continue to learn and continue to become better at what I do, because I really love working with SQL Server.

This Blog

I decided to start a blog for several reasons.

First of all it is a blog for myself. A reminder of things I have learned and don’t want to forget again. I want to be able to look up the things I have learned, the mistakes I have made, the humbug I thought a year ago to be true and know now how to do better.

Secondly I want to know how other developers approach certain situations. I always found the best way for me to learn is by discussing matters with other developers. I want to build a community of application and database developers, who want to learn and discuss and find ways to solve issues.

And last I think there may be really some things I have experienced that might be of help to other develeopers out there. Many things in this blog will be common knowledge, simple little things, but maybe every once in a while someone really finds something here which helps him or her solve a problem he just encountered.

This blog is not a SQL Experts blog. There are many great experts out there whose blogs I highly recommend. I am a developer struggling with crazy dead lines, fuzzy requirements and specifications, day-to-day issues that need to be solved within hours or minutes. And I am writing this blog for other developers. For application developers who want (or need) to know more about the data store underneath, for database developers trying to find fellow developers to discuss.

I don’t know yet which way this blog will go. If it will find a structure or not. For now I decided to not follow any given path, but post my day to day experiences and findings. They will be unconnected, one post dealing with SSIS, the other with an indexing issue, the next one a monologue on the advantages of stored procedures. Maybe it will become messy and I will have to find another way, maybe it will be exactly what I like. I’ll try and give it my best.

Let’s see how that goes, let’s enjoy our work.


Contact heino@heinozunzer.com

MCSE: Data Platform MCPD: Windows Developer 3.5 MCTS: Sharepoint 2007

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